3M™ Special Effects Film Series 7725SE

3M™ Special Effects Film Series 7725SE



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3M Scotchcal Special Effects Film Series 7725SE is intended for making prespaced, cut graphics on electronically controlled, friction–fed or flatbed cutters. A transparent liner prevents moisture absorption, and lays flat for easier assembly of multicolor special–effect graphics, from dusted and frosted crystal to fluorescent. This film is perfect for creating window graphics and internally–illuminated displays applied to flat, clear surfaces.

Applications and Uses

3M Scotchcal Special Effects Film Series 7725SE is intended for use with the listed Compatible Products in the following applications. These types of applications are warranted by the 3M MCS Warranty.

• Dusted and frosted crystal films are intended for creating window graphics and internally-illuminated displays applied to flat, clear surfaces

• Fluorescent films are intended for screen printed, die cut, hot stamped, or electronically-cut graphics where high visibility markings and weather resistance is needed

• Fluorescent films can be used on flat surfaces with or without rivets

• For interior and exterior applications

Limitations of End Uses

We do not normally warrant other applications, but please contact us to discuss your needs or let us suggest other 3M products.

The following uses and applications are specifically NOT warranted:

• Screen printing on dusted or frosted crystal films

• Application of dusted crystal film between two sheets of glass

• Application to corrugated surfaces

• Application to non-vertical surfaces

• Exposure to petrochemical spills

• Using fluorescent films where black light fluorescence is required.

• 3M Commercial Graphics Division products are not tested against automotive manufacturers’ specifications and are, therefore, not warranted for use in fabricating graphics for automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

Characteristics of Dusted and Frosted Crystal Films

• Durable, dimensionally stable, translucent film

• Uniform color in both reflected and transmitted light

• Low gloss eliminates glare

• Dusted crystal film 7725-314 has the uniform appearance of etched glass.

• Frosted crystal films 7725-323, -324, -326, -327 and -331 have the uniform appearance of sand-blasted glass.

Characteristics of Fluorescent Films

• Durable, dimensionally stable, glossy opaque film

• Activated by exposure to near-ultraviolet visible light

• Does not fluoresce under invisible ultraviolet light (black light)

When the graphics are processed and used according to 3M recommendations, they should have the performance life shown in the charts below. The actual performance depends on the:

• Selection and preparation of the substrate

• Application methods

• Exposure conditions

• Cleaning methods

Transparent liners can be slippery and difficult to see on walking surfaces. Immediately dispose of the waste liner.

Minimum Cutting Heights

The minimum height recommended for text when using film series 7725SE is 0.375 inch (9.5 mm) for dusted and frosted crystal film and 0.5 inch (12.7 mm) inches for fluorescent film. This is based on cutting and weeding evaluation using upper case Helvetica medium copy. Users are encouraged to do their own evaluation for the specific heights and design detail required for a particular job. The variable characteristics of electronically controlled cutting equipment warrants that users verify their specific requirements.

Factors that affect cutting quality and capability that the user needs to consider are:

1. Sharpness of knife blade: dull blades create a serrated look on the edge of the cut film.

2. Weight on knife blade:

• Ideal weight will result in a slight scoring of the liner.

• Too light a weight will cause incomplete cutting through film and adhesive.

• Excessive weight results in cut liner, blade dragging which will accelerate blade wear.

3. Temperature and relative humidity are minor considerations, but extremes, as well as rapid fluctuations, are to be avoided.

4. Stock film should be stored in the same environment as the cutting equipment.

5. Stroke width of characters, style of serifs or extensions and small details of scanned or digitized artwork.

6. Minimum recommended stroke width is 0.04 inches (1.0 mm) when applied film is exposed to cleaning or other physical stress.


The excess film should be weeded (removed) as soon after cutting as practical. This is to minimize the effect of possible adhesive flow 24 or more hours after cutting.

Property Value

Tensile strength (minimum)

Dusted & Fluorescent

Frosted at 73°F (23°C)

5 pounds/inch (0.9 kg/cm)

3.5 pounds/inch (0.6 kg/cm)

Applied shrinkage 0.015 inch 0.3 mm

Service temperature range 20° to +175°F -29° to +80°C


Adhesion value is 24 hours after application.

Substrate Value

Acrylic 4.0 pounds/inch (0.7 kg/cm)

Polycarbonate 4.0 pounds/inch (0.7 kg/cm)

Glass 4.0 pounds/inch (0.7 kg/cm)

Chemical Resistance

• Resists mild acids, mild alkalis, and salts

• Excellent water resistance


Film series 7725SE has been tested for flame spread per ASTM E84-95, “Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials,” and the results show that the material meets the requirements of National Fire Protection Association Class A as defined in NFPA 101, “Life Safety Code.”